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MetaMask Wallet - Account setup process and review of wallet A good cryptocurrency wallet lets you store plenty of cryptocurrencies, charges low gas fees, and has a straightforward interface. All of these features are the qualities that an investor is looking for. It is pretty tricky for you to find a wallet that is appropriate for you. Therefore, to ease your workload, we are here to present you with an article that has all the details that you are looking for in a wallet. So, without wasting a second, let's move further with the article. Extension Installation Before continuing with the signing up process of the MetaMask Wallet, we should first get to know about the MetaMask browser extension installation procedure. To install the extension, you will have to follow the steps we have stated below: Visit the official website of MetaMask. On the screen, a blue button would be visible on which the word “Download” would be written. To begin the downloading process, press that button. After tapping on the button, it will open a new window automatically that will display the homepage of the Chrome Web Store. Before you begin the downloading process, if you want to know some further information about the wallet then you can read its review and about us section. Once you are satisfied with the service of the wallet, tap on the button “Add to Chrome”. Now the wallet downloading process will begin and no charges will be charged by them for downloading the MetaMask extension. After the installation process will be completed, a small icon that will look like a fox will be displayed on the top of your browser with your other browser extensions. And with it, you will receive a notification notifying you that the installation process was completed successfully. If your browser extension is not visible automatically after the installation, click the three-dotted button on the top right corner of your Chrome Browser and press the pin button. Process of Wallet Setting up After installing the MetaMask Wallet extension, our next step is to move toward the steps of creating a new account on the wallet. Given below are those stated steps: Tap on the extension to start the Wallet. On the next screen, you will be able to see the option “Get Started”. On the new screen, click the button “Create Wallet”. Here we are assuming that you are a new user and want to create a new account. Now the MetaMask Chrome extension will ask you if you want your analytics to be shared with them or Login It is not compulsory to do so as it is optional, so it is completely based on your choice. Then, create a new password. Remember to make your password strong so that it is not easy to be hacked. After you have created the password, your account’s 12-word secret recovery phrase will be displayed and you will have to store it with utmost precaution. In the next step, review all the terms and conditions of the MetaMask browser extension. Once you are satisfied with the conditions applied, mark the box as checked by accepting the conditions. Now, you will have to add the network and then you can begin your trading. Password Resetting Process If you have used this MetaMask Wallet previously but not using it for quite some time, then there is a possibility that you must have forgotten your password. But the relief is that your MetaMask account has already been logged in, but you want to change the password now. Then you will have to follow our guide to make your password reset easily. Given below are the steps: In the first step, if your wallet is currently unlocked, then you have to lock it. Locking of an account is a necessity if you want to reset your account password. You can lock your account by clicking on the sidebar button and then swimming the toggle button to the right. Once the account has been unlocked, you will see the button “Reset Wallet” and you will have to press it. Then give your confirmation to do so. To give your confirmation, you have to write “Delete” in the text box that appeared. As soon as you give your confirmation, your account will be deleted and now you can import your account using the recovery phrase and you will also get the option to reset your account password. Steps to update MetaMask Extension It is normal to release new updates for the users. These updates are introduced because of the presence of bugs in the previous version. Updated versions enhance the experience of the user and make the usability of the platform easier for them. If MetaMask Wallet has introduced an update and you are using its desktop extension and now you are unable to update the extension, then there is no need to look anywhere else because we are here with the proper up-gradation steps. The said steps are written below: On the toolbar, right-click on your MetaMask extension. Now from the appeared list click on the option of “Manage Extension”. It will open a new window containing all the other information you need to know about browsers. On the screen, you will see a toggle button and you have to swipe the button to the right to on your developer mode. The newly opened window will have three columns you will have to tap on the Update button. Now your browser extension update process will begin automatically. Wait for the process to complete, then you will be notified when they finish. Final Thoughts In this review, we learned that if you are interested in trading ERC-20 tokens, then this wallet is the one for you. You should give this wallet a try. MetaMask Wallet has such unique features that make navigation on this platform easy for users. In case you face any hindrances on this platform, then you can also get in touch with their customer care facility. You will not be disappointed after using this wallet. FAQs Is it necessary to complete KYC on the MetaMask? No, MetaMask Wallet will never ask you to complete your KYC by asking you to enter your details. Therefore, it is advised to not fall into this trap. Never believe any mail received displaying that is the official id of MetaMask. How many coins are supported by MetaMask? MetaMask Extension supports Ethereum. Hence, it automatically means that it supports any of the ERC-20 tokens. And there are more than 500,000 ERC-20-based tokens available. Along with this, MetaMask also allows users to make any swaps or NFT exchanges. What browsers does MetaMask wallet support? This wallet does not support many browsers. Only a few of them are compatible with the MetaMask. And the name of the first browser you know already is Google Chrome. The names of the other compatible browsers are Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Opera. Is it secure to leave our funds in the wallet? MetaMask is a decentralized platform therefore it does not have any means to access your funds. Your password protects your account. Therefore, as long as you have not disclosed your account password or secret recovery phrase, the funds in your account will be safe.